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High Protein Vegetables: Benefits & Examples

spinach is a vegetable high in proteinMany people spend a lot of time planning and setting goals that would enable them achieve the best things in life. However, most of these same people do not pay enough attention to their body’s health.

What can a Man Achieve with Poor Mental and Physical Health?

It is imperative to eat foods that add value to your body, such as high protein vegetables. Protein is a body building food that helps to build strong muscles, bones and teeth. It can be found in both animals and plants but studies have shown that plant protein is healthier. This does not automatically make the animal protein bad for human consumption. Animal protein has been proven to be very concentrated and people are advised to limit the amount they eat in one setting.

In the USA, for instance, the suggested amount of protein (plant or animal) that people should add to their diet each day is about ten percent. This means that if an American wants to remain healthy he or she should not add more than ten percent protein to the diet. Studies however has also shown that many people do not care about these limitations and they eat more than is necessary (or necessarily healthy).

For those who want to maintain good health, a normal body size and fresh and glowing overall appearance, high protein vegetables are the way forward.

High protein vegetables can be combined with animal protein such as meat, milk and eggs, but in the right proportions. Vegetarians do not have to look for proteins in animal foods if they do not want to.

Two High Protein Veggies:

  1. Brocolli
    Eating a variety of veggies that are known to have a high amount of protein is enough. While all vegetables and fruits are recommended, not all contain body building elements. Some of the best foods to eat if one is looking to add plant protein in their diets include Broccoli. This is one the best sources of high protein vegetables. One cup of broccoli contains about three to four grams of protein. It will give the required level of protein each day if combined with other foods such as beans. It should be chopped and steamed to make it easier to prepare and eat. It can also be eaten raw without salt. Brocolli is a source of a Vitamins and minerals too.
  2. Spinach
    Spinach is an amazing example of high protein vegetables too. One cup of spinach is known to contain five grams of protein. This food, just like kale, is very easy to prepare by chopping and steaming. It can also be eaten as salad to benefit from its other nutrients like fiber and folate not to mention vitamins.

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