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The Top List: Foods Rich in Protein

We all know that protein is the building blocks of muscle right? Protein is a macro nutrient made up of amino acids that are essential to bodily functions and growth. The human body can produce several of different amino acids that are required for protein production independently but there are some types that must be obtained from other sources.

There is an on-going debate around the ideal amount of protein a person needs to eat on a daily basis, the government recommended amount is 56 grams for adult males and 46 grams for adult females. A protein surplus results in it being used for energy or recovery and muscle growth. Some critics have said that excess protein can put a strain on your liver. The foods listed below have the highest amount of protein per gram and therefore an ideal source for including in your body building recipes.


The protein density of cheese varies depending on the type of cheese. Parmesan cheese provides the most protein at 41.6 gram per 100 grams. Other cheeses such as Mozzarella, Romano and Swiss contain 30 grams per 100 grams. Soft cheeses contain the least amount of protein and also the highest amount of fat. Spreadable cheeses can be as low as 16 grams per serving.


The larger and older the bean the more protein it is likely to contain. Soybeans contain 39.6 grams of protein per 100 grams which equates to 68 grams per cup. Lupin beans contain 15,6 grams / 100 which is around 25.8 per cup.

3.Lean Beef

Lean cuts are always best when it comes to meat. Go for the top round of veal / beef which provides 36 grams of protein per 100 grams.

4.Pumpkin, Squash and Watermelon

Pumpkin seeds contain 33 grams of protein per 100 grams which equates to 74.8 grams per cup. Your local supermarket is likely to sell them but you can also buy them in bulk online. To eat them raw you need to crack open the shell and eat the internal only.

5.Lean Chicken, Lamb, Port and Turkey

Most of the meat in this category provides 30 grams of protein per 100 grams. Chicken has the most with 32.8 grams and is also very low fat. Pork loins and chops contain 30 grams per 100 or 19.2 per chop

6.Fish / Seafood

As well as having lots of essential fatty acids (EFAs) fish are a very good protein source. Tuna provides 30 grams per 100 gram serving. Anchovies, Salmon, Halibut, Snapper and Tilapia also contain between 25- 29 grams per 100 gram serving.

7.Fish Eggs / Caviar

Although they are rather expensive, fish roe contains 28.6 grams per 100 grams. Caviar has 24 grams which in comparison to chicken eggs (13.6 grams) is a very dense source or protein.

8.Marmite / Bovril

Either love it or hate it, Yeast Extract is an extremely good source of protein and is also high in micronutrients such as B12. IT contains 27.8 grams of protein per 100 gram serving although I’m not sure could stomach this much!

9.Crab or Lobster

100 grams of lobster holds 26.4 grams of protein and crab contains 19.4 per 100 gram serving.

10.Nuts and Pulses

Great for vegans, peanuts contain 23.7 grams of protein per 100 grams. Lentils contain 25.8 grams but only 9 grams when cooked.

So there you have it. Some obvious choices but also a few you might not have thought of. With a bodybuilding diet it is important to consume protein from various sources in order to get a good an all rounded amino acid profile. Your body needs all 9 of the essential amino acids in order to recover and grow from your fitness. By mixing your diet up with some of these 10 you will be sure to have a well-balanced and clean diet.

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